PreviewFirst Terms and Conditions

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We care deeply about doing a good job for you and we don’t want any disappointed customers. So these terms and conditions are in effect to clarify our promises and responsibilities to each other, and to make sure we have the same expectations - before doing business together. We know all this stuff may seem tedious and boring, but it’s super important. So please read it carefully. If something isn’t acceptable to you, please do not click the “I agree” button. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. You can email us at

By clicking “I agree”, you’re acknowledging that you have agreed to become a party to and legally bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not access or otherwise use the services of

Virtual Tour Services

  1. Copyright Materials: cannot accept or add any copyrighted photos or music to a virtual tour.
  2. You must only upload or use media which you own or have permission to use.  *If a homeowner requests removal of photos, it is our policy to unpublished the tour.
  3. Photography Credits: Photography credits other than PreviewFirst cannot be included on any photos uploaded.
  4. If you provide your own photos and they’re really offensive; like that mega-saturated-radioactive-HDR look, PreviewFirst may cancel your virtual tour and provide a full refund. Sorry, we just don’t want our brand associated with those kind of photos.

Property Insurance and/or General Liability Insurance

You agree that any property for which a employee or contractor enters on your behalf, will be safe and free from attacking dogs and/or tenants. You agree to defend and hold PreviewFirst and photographer harmless regarding any damage to property or furniture, including accusations of same.

You agree that any property for which a employee or contrator will enter, shall be covered by a property insurance policy and/or covered under your corporate general liability insurance policy.

In the event Photographer accidentally breaks or otherwise damages personal property while in the course of photographing the property, or is accused of such damage, you agree to reimburse seller for any and all expenses involved and will not demand reimbursement from PreviewFirst or photographer.

Order, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Your credit card is charged at the time you approve the order. When ordering service, you are paying for a valuable reservation - to reserve the photographer's time so that he or she will not be available to provide service to someone else. Please do not place an order unless you plan to keep the appointment.

If you are not able to keep the appointment, you agree to give PreviewFirst at least 24 hours notice, so we might at least have a chance to redeem the reserved time. If you fail to give notice, you agree to forfeit the amount paid for your reservation. If an appointment is put on hold and is not rescheduled, the amount may be credited for future use.

You agree to notify PreviewFirst if you are going to be late to an appointment. Whenever possible, the Photographer will wait at the property until you arrive. However, if the Photographer has another appointment immediately following yours, the Photographer may not be able to wait or complete the photoshoot.

You agree to provide PreviewFirst with all necessary contact information, so that in the event the photographer is lost or otherwise late, PreviewFirst or Photographer can contact you. In the event you or your representative fails to show up to assist the photographer with access, the Photographer will wait 15 minutes, before leaving. If you need to reschedule the appointment, the amount already paid will be credited to the next appointment, and an automatic reschedule fee will be paid to compensate the photographer for his or her time. $25 for any Standard Photography, $75 for twilight, and 25% for all other services. If you need to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, an automatic cancellation fee will be paid to compensate the photographer for his or her time. $50 for standard photography, $150 for Twilight appointments, and $50% for all other services. These are not "penalty fees". We simply need to pay out photographers for reserving their time. We hope these terms make sense and are reasonable to you. “People hate paying cancellation and reschedule fees. We hate charging them. Please be mindful that a real person is not able to work because you reserved their time and they committed to be there for you.”

When Photography Services are ordered, PreviewFirst strongly recommends that the property owner or the Client accompany the photographer while photographing the property. If neither Client nor property owner is present at the time the home is photographed, and the Client has made no prior requests regarding shot selection, the shots taken will be at the discretion of the photographer.

Photography can be very subjective. It's possible you may not like the photos provided by PreviewFirst. If you are unhappy with the photos, please let us know so we can make it right for you. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction with our photos. If we can do better, we are always willing to do whatever it takes to correct the matter. If you want the photographer to return and take new photos, we just need you to tell us specifically what you would like differently.

If you are not happy with the photos due to weather conditions, or because the home was not prepared, or you did not get enough photos - because you were late, promise you won’t ask for a refund or a free “go-back-out”. Sorry we have to say this. We know it sounds silly, but these are actual reasons people have given.

Virtual Tour Subscription Term

Virtual Tours remain published for one year. However, as long as you are an active PreviewFirst customer, your tours will remain available indefinitely.

What does it mean to be an “active” PreviewFirst customer? Answer: If you have ordered at least one tour in the last 12 months, you’re considered active. That’s it! That let’s our system know that you’re still in the business and still using PreviewFirst. So, when a tour reaches it’s maturity date of 365 days, the system will see that you are active, and keep the tour “available”. If an account shows no new tours for more than 12 months, it’s considered an inactive account, and all associated virtual tours will be removed and no longer available.

If you wish to keep a tour active longer than 12 months, but your account is inactive, upon request, we can extend your virtual tour for another 12 months, for $10.

Photography Services

When photography is ordered, photos and virtual tours are ready by 8:00pm, the next business day. Photos are available via your PreviewFirst account. An automatic email is sent you when the photos and tour are ready. If the email goes to spam or for any reason doesn’t get to you, it’s okay… just check your account for the status.

Unless otherwise noted, we always aim for at least 25 photos. On average, the number of photos typically coincides with the size of the home.

Square Footage Images
500 to 1000 s.f. 25 - It’s hard but we get creative
1000 - 2000 s.f. 25 - 30
2500 - 4500 s.f. 30 - 40
4500 - 8000 s.f. 40 - 50

The goal isn’t the number of photos... It’s to make sure the home is completely represented. There are many types of photography services offered by Before placing your order, be sure to review our website for details, samples and pricing.

Large homes require Luxury Home Photography. “Luxury Home Photography” is considered an upgrade service for which powerful lights are used to light up large volume rooms with big windows. If well exposed windows are a must, and you have a large volume room, Luxury Home Photography is required. This service level can be added as an upgrade upon request. Please don’t expect Luxury Home Photography lighting, unless you order Luxury Home Photography.

If ordering photography service for multiple properties, and/or multiple units, each residential address (whether a duplex or neighboring home) is considered a separate location and requires a separate order. So for instance, if there are two living rooms, two kitchens, two front doors… these are considered different orders. This policy applies regardless of the square footage or number of photos requested.

Once images are provided to you, or otherwise available for download via your PreviewFirst account, it is your responsibility to save the images to your personal computer for backup purposes (both web & print).

Photos will remain available for download for 30 days and may not be accessible any longer. We highly recommend that you save your images immediately, when available.

Photographer will keep original files for 7 days. Therefore any editing requests must be made during this time. Editing requests can take 1-2 business days. Editing is billed at $25 for 15 minute increments.

Please review every photo and remove any which you do not want included in the virtual tour - such as the for sale sign or any information which may be in violation of your MLS agreement. This also applies to any photo which does not represent the property well. If community photos are provided, please confirm the correct community photos were included by deleting any that are not a match. Customer support is available to help you, or we can take care of it for you, at your request.

You agree that the property will be ready for photography to commence when photographer arrives for the scheduled appointment.

All vehicles should be removed from the driveway and garage doors closed before the photographer arrives.

All window coverings should be opened before the photographer arrives.

All lights should be turned on, including any table lamps, closets, bathrooms, etc. Hot Tubs and waterfalls should be turned on.

Pool equipment and clean sweepers will be removed from pool area.

Ceiling fans should be turned off. Otherwise they will be blurry in the photos.

Items not intended to be in the photographs, such as trash cans, toys, laundry, cleaning supplies, newspapers, jewelry, pool cleaning equipment, tools, etc, must be stored out of site before the photographer arrives.

When specifically requested to do so by you, and to the best of our ability, PreviewFirst will digitally remove certain objects (whether permanent or temporary) from a photograph. However, PreviewFirst strongly advises against the use of such photos for advertising purposes if what is being advertised is false or misleading in any way.

Editing fees may apply for the removal of things like pool hoses, urine or oil stains, utility boxes, holes/marks on walls, etc. We can also add fire to fireplaces, and blue skies on rainy days. Editing fees are $100/hr billed in 15 minute increments.

PreviewFirst is not responsible or liable for the way in which a photo may be used by you.

Copyrights Granted (updated 12/12/17)

Any photographic or video media ordered from and provided by PreviewFirst of the property address or description in the order, includes the right of client to print, publish or transfer images as they deem appropriate for the purpose of their own business. PreviewFirst hereby irrevocably assigns and transfers all copyrights, whether now existing or hereafter acquired.

It is understood that any and all originals, proofs, sample prints, and digital representations remain the property of PreviewFirst, and may be used for PreviewFirst's own advertising and portfolio purposes.

Stock Images

If you have a photography appointment and want to add community photos, please let us know before the appointment. PreviewFirst maintains a database of stock imagery of many communities, including neighborhood signage, gates, club houses, gyms, pools, tennis courts, beaches, lakes, walking trails, etc. If we already have the photos from a previous shoot, we can use those. If we don’t have them, we’ll need to make sure the photographer has enough time to get them. This is a complimentary service and community photos are considered ‘bonus” imagery. We can only capture these photos IF we have enough time during the scheduled appointment.

Common Use

Community photos which do not INCLUDE the specific subject property, are “community photos”. They are intended for future use in virtual tours, for any home PreviewFirst Photographs in that neighborhood.

Exclusive Usage Rights

If you would like to own exclusive rights to the photos we take for you, we will add a exclusive copyright watermark to your photos, to make sure they are not used for other purposes. The fee is $15 per photo and is subject to change.

If you would like community photos for which you want to own the exclusive usage rights, please make sure you schedule enough time for your photography appointment. Additional charges will apply. Depending on how many community photos will be delivered, an extra 30-60 minutes may be necessary. Typical rates are $100-150. These photos will go into our community stock portfolio, available for future use, unless exclusive rights are also purchased and the photos are branded with the appropriate exclusive copyright.

Other Miscellaneous Important Stuff

If you request a specific photographer, PreviewFirst will always do its best to accommodate it, however we cannot guarantee a specific photographer. In such cases when your scheduled photographer is not available, we will always do our best to make sure another photographer can accommodate the scheduled time. All PreviewFirst Photographers undergo the same qualification process and training, and are equipped to provide you with high quality images. is not responsible for any cause or claim against you, which may arise in the course of providing photos. You agree to defend PreviewFirst and hold PreviewFirst harmless from any accusations of theft or property damage.

PreviewFirst may offer special discounts and promotion codes. These discounts and promotions are considered courtesy offers and do not represent an actual dollar value. They are temporary in nature and may not have a published expiration date. Therefore, terms and conditions of these promotional offers are not always posted and are subject to change without notice.